Signs of Termite Damage

If you see any of the following signs in your home, it is possible that termites are present and can cause significant damage to a structure. These pests may be difficult to identify but there are some red flags that could indicate they’re lurking nearby.

1) Crumbling wood: This can indicate a problem with drywood termites who have been eating away at the inside of the wood for years without being discovered or treated. The process of digestion creates acid which breaks down cellulose and turns it into sawdust-like material. You’ll often see this on window frames, ceilings, door frames and other structural components where water cannot reach their food source as easily;

2) Mud tubes: Termite mud tubes are created

Termite infestations could be a serious issue. If you see any of the following, it’s time to contact an exterminator:

Fruity-smelling droppings that are sometimes called “frass” on wood surfaces; Bands or webs made from soil and saliva material around trees in your yard where termites often forage; Mud tubes built by workers within structural elements like beams or posts under decks, porches, fences etc.; Signs of damage to windowsills due to their aggressive chewing activity which leaves sooty marks visible just below window panes.

Mud tubes on the exterior of your home are a clear sign that termites have taken over. Soft wood in the house sounds hollow when tapped, darkens or blisters with age and it’s easy to tell if they’re there by looking for small piles of feces outside near their nest. You can also spot mud tunnels leading up to an opening from inside as well as discarded wings around doors and windowsills – swarmers may already be making themselves comfortable. Visit Healthida for the firteher information about termits.